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Our Top Recommendations


The following is a list of services, products, stores, and places that we’ve tried or experienced at some point in time and that we can say are of great value. 

We thought they can also be of great value to you and this is why we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves.

Now you can find our best recommendations in one place!


Running Gear and Accessories

Adidas Adizero has been (surprisingly) the running shoe that has provided me with the best cushion, feel, and fit. But recently I decided to give the On Cloudsurfer shoes a try and I gotta honestly say that I was nicely surprised with these shoes that provided extraordinary performance, light weight, good fit, and great cushion.

SKIN A400 Compression Legging. If I ever have to recommend a compression legging (which I think help tremendously for my recovery) it needs to be the SKIN A400. This piece of equipment (not clothing) is exceptionally good, providing a firm compression with the best materials that won’t fade over time. For real compression, this one is the real deal.

Sof Sole Insoles make my runs so much comfortable -I don’t go out running without them. They do my joints and muscles a favor by reducing tremendously the shock impact in my stride. This small detail makes a great deal of difference as a runner.

Tip: Buy your shoes one size above your regular size so you can leave enough room for the additional insoles and the natural swelling that occurs when running.

Thorlos Running Socks. If you ever wondered what socks to use as a runner among all the options that exist, I need to say that the Thorlos are the ones you need. Extremely comfortable with added padding to make each run a pleasant experience. They are super durable too. 

Running shorts? Well I gotta say that I have 3 top products in my list:

   Mizuno Alpha 4 –> My number 1 choice. These shorts are stretch-woven that move with you and their ventilation helps you stay super cool. Their Mizuno DryLite™ material creates rapid evaporation, ensuring you stay dry during your run.

   Asics 3.5 –> These shorts are also lightweight and highly breathable. They dry super quick and are ultra comfortable in each run.

   Under Armour SW5 –> These shorts do a very nice job too in keeping you super comfortable in every run. They have a built in brief for extra coverage and their material is moisture wicking. The fact that they made my list talks very good about them.

G-Run Hydration Running Belt. I don’t do longs everyday, but when I do, this hydration belt is a must. Super comfortable, not bouncy, and holds all bottles steadily which does not interrupt my runs.

Gym on the go?

BodyBoss Portable Gym. As a runner, strength training is a must. Sometimes not having the luxury of time is an issue, and although I tend to be a gym enthusiast when time allows, I always have my plan B with the BodyBoss. This equipment allows me to take it everywhere I go, and even at home, it provides a solution to workout as if you didn’t skip gym day.

I love this Flask Water Bottle. It is incredibly practical and highly functional. Its insulation technology will maintain the temperature of your drinks for hours.

One of the best things about the AfterShokz Headphones is how it solves the problem of safely listening to music while you run. Their bone conduction technology don’t mute you from the outside world -just like the rest of headphones, which minimizes the risk of an accident. You listen to music while being fully aware of your surroundings.


Online Sport Stores

There are plenty of sports stores out there, and I gotta say that I’m a fan of supporting small online retailers -which by the way they are all at the mercy of amazon. 

I always strive to give them a try knowing there is good people behind trying to do their best. This is why I gotta give my thumbs up to the following stores -they all offer great products, great prices, and fantastic service. 

Holabird Sports. Specializing in running and tennis, this is a very nice looking website that makes things very easy to find. This store is always at the edge with new products and latest releases.

SunAndSki is also one of our favorites with a great selection and deals in running, outdoor, ski, and beach gear and accessories. This store has always something to offer at discounted prices and carries the top brands we love.

JakkRabbit is also a great place where you can find a wide selection of running gear, accessories, shoes, and clothing at great prices. This store is always worth checking out for deals and sales, plus they offer a nice reward program!

Moosejaw is a store that has also won a reputation for its very attractive reward program, plus its wide selection of goods ranging from running to camping gear, accessories, water sports, and more. With Free 2 day shipping on orders over $49, it pays to but at Moosejaw.

Eastern Mountain Sports. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the store for you -I love it by the way. With a great selection of outdoor gear, accessories and clothing you can’t go wrong with EMS.com when an encounter with nature is your next adventure. This store is also worth checking out on special deals and sales sometimes offering up to 70% off regular prices.


Online General Stores

SaltLife is an all time favorite for the beach lovers. In my case, beach has always been a escape and when I need to buy beach gear, accessories, or clothing, there is no other place to go.

Thetouchofmodern always has the answer when nothing comes to mind for new and different gift ideas. This store is plenty of cool ideas that you could have never thought of. It has served me very well in the past to find unique, modern, and cool products.

BrighTech is a store I used to search some lighting products I was needing, and ended up buying lighting for the whole house. This store is highly specialized where you can find literally every lighting solution possible, with a very easy navigation it facilitates even more the whole process -I love this store.

InCase is a store specializing in organization. With products ranging from backpacks, bags, luggage, and cases, their products make your life so much easier. Needles to say their products are of the highest quality with functionality and style at the core of everything they offer.

Totally Kids is a store we used to buy our kids’ furniture. We received nothing less than beautiful and high quality products. Quality, delivery, and service above our expectations has made this one one of our favorites.


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