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The 5 Products That Will Fix Your Bad Knees


In a previous post I made on How to Reduce Knee Pain I described my 3-step process to fight knee pain using products that already exist in the market.

Being a ‘knee sufferer’ for more than 20 years, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve found to work in a shorter post (this one).

Just a reminder (to myself) that I still run and play soccer, crazy right? Six (6) surgeries and severe arthritis and still doing that? Impressive! and Doctors are impressed too! Although they don’t like my idea of playing soccer and running (but sorry there is no way I am quitting!).

One thing that I make very clear every time I talk about managing knee pain (arthritis) is that there is no ‘magic pill’. And this is something I learned after years of dealing with the pain. And to this day, I have not stopped doing my sports, and actually this is why this blog exists; for the passion I developed in sports and recovery.

Like I said, I have not tried a single pill responsible for providing me with real and sustainable knee pain relief. This is what I learned the hard way. Relief is a process and I found some products that work wonders for me! Why not sharing right?

I don’t mean to make this blog very long, but very to the point instead. I base my process on three (3) areas comprising a total of five (5) products to use:

1. Reactivation of Key Joint Components of the knee. Why? Because as we age, our bodies lose the capacity to produce three (3) key components in the required amounts we need to keep our joints healthy:

Collagen, Glucosamine, and Hyaluronic acid.

Your joints need three components to stay healthy. In broad terms these three are key building blocks of bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin. And they are naturally occurring substances in the fluids around the joint that support the health of our cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.

I use two (2) products to support this pillar:

Joint Movement Glucosamine and Multi Collagen Peptides

Joint Movement Glucosamine is by far the best of its class! With a liquid presentation with a crazy fast rate of absorption. Glucosamine in pills is literally a joke in comparison with this potent and fast acting liquid form. It contains also Hyaluronic acid, it is also sugar free, gluten free, and Shellfish free. This one has worked great for me.

Multi Collagen Peptides providing 9g of collagen in peptide form (Peptides have a faster absorption), and contains collagen type II (the ones your joints need), besides type I, III, IV, and V. Non GMO, no antibiotics, no growth hormones….this one is my recommended (also in liquid form for faster absorption).


2. Anti-inflammatories the natural way. You need to naturally aid the anti-inflammatory process in our joints. This is critical..!

If you are taking NSAIDs pills (e.g. Advil, Aleve) you need to stop now..! NSAIDs can cause long term side effects such as stomach ulcers, liver or kidney problems, high blood pressure, and they can even have a negative influence on joint structure in the long term. (wow!)

There are natural alternatives that have powerful anti-inflammatories properties that are 100% safe to take. You may have heard Turmeric, Ginger, Bromelain, but the one I use that has given me the best results is Boswellia Extract coupled with Hemp Cream. These two work fantastic. (Links to the exact brands I use).


3. Exercise

Besides taking care of the two areas above as first two steps, there is no other way to get long term sustainable knee pain relief than maintaining strength in your muscles around the knee. This is critical!

The single piece of equipment I use and that gives me the best results is this Magnetic Tension Exercise Recumbent Bike. This bike is a must..! It is a super low-cost equipment that can be assembled super fast and will provide just what you need at the comfort of home. It makes sure my vastus medialis (one of the most important muscles for your knee) is well toned. It is fully adjustable, it has a digital tracking panel, a very comfortable padded seat, and will fit perfectly in your room. This static bicycle works your overall quads nicely to amp up your leg workout and with 10 minutes on a daily basis will be just enough. Believe me this one works fantastic for what I need.

I also add weight free squats (no resistance) to my routine which will also help on glutes and hamstring. Much needed. Just make sure to go easy on these.

Well, as promised I kept it sort and pointy. Hope you find this useful and please feel free to leave comments. Share your story if you are feeling better!


“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”


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This post was written by Reinaldo ‘Ray’ Plaz




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